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Trucking Accidents

Michigan Law Firm Pursues Damages for Trucking Accident Injuries

Flint personal injury attorneys aid people injured in commercial vehicle accidents

Tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers and other large commercial trucks — due to their size, weight and limited maneuverability — have a greater potential to cause accidents resulting in severe injuries and even death. If you have been injured in a collision with a truck, recovering money damages may require suing multiple potentially responsible parties. At the Hamo Law Firm in Flint, we have nearly 40 years of experience representing Michigan residents in all types of commercial vehicle accident cases. We are committed to pursuing the compensation victims are entitled to receive from negligent truck drivers, trucking companies and others sharing in the fault.

Diligent lawyers examine causes of trucking accidents

Contributing factors in trucking accidents fall into the categories of:

  • Driver error — distracted driving, fatigue, aggressive driving, driving while intoxicated and lack of adequate training
  • Mechanical problems — brake failures, tire blowouts, trailer uncouplings and other system malfunctions
  • Unsafe vehicles — oversized or overloaded trucks, improperly secured cargo and lack of proper maintenance

Other causes include unsafe road conditions due to poor weather, damaged pavement or obstructions. We have experience in investigating trucking accidents and accurately identifying the causes as well as the parties responsible.

Effective attorneys hold responsible parties accountable

Trucking accidents are in many cases avoidable and multiple parties can bear responsibility for failing to meet a duty of care. The driver or trucking company may have failed to comply with state or federal safety regulations regarding vehicle maintenance or observance of daily limits on hours driven. Liability could also extend to a shipper, cargo loader, parts manufacturer, maintenance provider, safety inspector or other person involved in the truck’s operation. We will work to ensure that all available causes of action are brought to protect your right to recover from every party at fault.

Assertive representatives seek recovery through personal injury claims and lawsuits

Michigan’s no-fault insurance system applies to trucking accident cases, requiring individuals who are covered by personal injury protection (PIP) insurance to claim economic damages such as medical expenses and lost income initially from their own insurance companies. To obtain damages not covered by PIP, including pain and suffering, an accident victim may file a third-party negligence claim against an at-fault truck driver and other liable parties. Because trucking insurance issues can be complex, it is advisable for you to reach out to an attorney who is familiar with this area of litigation. Our lawyers have extensive litigation experience and can help you build a strong case for recovery by preserving evidence, working with experts and carefully analyzing the circumstances of the accident.

Contact a Michigan trucking accident attorney to get help with your claim

If you have been involved in a commercial vehicle accident in Michigan, the Hamo Law Firm is prepared to help you obtain fair compensation from all those responsible for your injuries. To schedule a free consultation at our Flint office, call 810-234-3667 or contact us online.

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