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Legal & Professional Malpractice

The Legal and Professional Malpractice practice involves cases brought against attorneys, accountants and other professionals for accidents. In many of these cases, the professional is alleged to have deviated from the applicable standard of care for the profession and as a result has caused financial and other losses to an individual or business. Such cases demand the experience, knowledge and resources Hamo Law can bring to properly investigate and pursue the claim. The investment in technology enables the firm to provide the best possible offense through the use of computerized research and access to relevant data. Quality experts who we locate for you are typically required for these cases.

Dram Shop

Under Michigan’s “dram shop law”, the owners of a bar, party store, or those having a liquor license (all known as a liquor licensee) can be held responsible for injuries or death ​if they sell or serve alcoholic beverages to a minor or a visibly intoxicated adult.

To recover on behalf of our client, we must show that ​the ​injury or death was caused by a ​liquor licensee selling, giving, or furnishing alcohol to a minor or visibly intoxicated person. In Michigan, visible intoxication must be apparent to an ordinary observer. However, visible intoxication need not be shown if ​the liquor licensee serves alcoholic beverages to a minor.

A lawsuit for this type of action must be brought within two years of the injury or death. In addition, there must be written notice to the bar owner within 120 days of retaining an attorney.

Dangerous and Defective Products

When an unsafe product causes an injury or death, the resulting claim is called a “product liability claim.” A product liability claim may occur when a product has a design or manufacturing defect or when the manufacturer provides inadequate instructions for use or warnings about the hazards the product presents and accidents that could occur. Product liability cases are complex. They require an investment of time and money in order to produce a result that reflects the impact the injury has had on the families and survivors of the defective product. We know how to successfully pursue product liability claims, find the important documents that prove the accident case, locate and prepare experts, and explain the case to the judge and jury in a way that makes them understand our clients’ injuries and the damages they have suffered.

Securities Fraud

The team at Hamo Law litigates securities fraud claims on behalf of injured shareholders. These cases typically assert claims against at least one corporate defendant, its brokers and/or its auditors. Often, these cases revolve around brokerage firm mismanagement, churning the account, improper advice and self-dealing. These cases are frequently arbitrated, as most clients have signed an arbitration agreement with their brokerage firm.

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